SOKOLOV: new collection


You are welcome to meet new SOKOLOV collection at the JUNWEX Moscow Trade Fair.

Democratic golden pieces with cubic zirconia are still the most popular among the customers. SOKOLOV Jewelry Company presented a new line of that assortment group.

Wide variety of SOKOLOV’s cubic zirconia pieces has widen even more with the new ones, which are embodiment of leading fashion trends. Strict geometry and simple lines, which hide inside some special fascination, form the basis of jewelry decoration. There is no doubt that this fashion collection is to become one of the hottest fall trends, and will definitely capture all the jewelry-lover’s hearts.

The classic SOKOLOV collection is widened either. The main stress falls on three-dimensional open-work design, supplemented with jewelry setting stripes. Designers were inspired by traditional natural forms. Specialists managed to hold the three-dimensional form of the piece despite its light weight. These pieces will please retail customers not only with its design and perfect SOKOLOV’s quality, but also with reasonable price.