V.Budny: We are responsible for promoting Russian brands


We have recently announced names of new cavaliers to be awarded with Jewellery Russia Medal at JUNWEX Moscow exhibition in October.

Let us remind you that in 2014 the Medal will be awarded to: I.A. Novikov (Aquamarine founder), A.L. Pomelnikov (Jewelry Company of Alexey Pomelnikov owner), Diego Percossi Pappi (famous Italian jeweller-designer, member of the Jewellery Russia magazine editorial board), N.G.Tkachenko (head of Golden Openwork retail chain, head of Russian Jewelry Trade Club’ s representative office in the Far East), T.F.Faberge (great-granddaughter of the famous jeweller, honoured chairman of Carl Faberge Memorial Foundation).

Previously this medal was awarded only to individuals, and it caused a serious international resonance. This year will be the first time for the medal to be adjudged to an enterprise – Diamant company, which promotes SOKOLOV brand name both inside and outside the country.

Thus we asked V.V. Budny, head of organizing committee of Jewellery Russia program, to tell us how the selection of candidates is being held, and what criteria help the organizing committee to make a decision.

Junwex.com: Mr.Budny, could you please tell us why have you decided to institute this medal?

V.Budny: Through the years in the jewelry market we have met a lot of outstanding masters, talented directors and those “locomotives” that push the industry forward. We are sure that all these people deserve some attention, public recognition, and a medal to prove it. Going global is another factor that influenced our decision to elect the most progressive professionals of the industry. As we are networking in the international scene as no one other, we are responsible for promoting Russian brands to the global market, that is, encouraging civilized principles of doing business.

Junwex.com: That is interesting. And how are candidates for the medal selected?

V.Budny: Decision of the organizing committee of Jewellery Russia program is based on the list of candidates provided by Russian Jewelry Trade Club, and also by professional organizations, or members of the organizing committee. The presentation ceremony is held once a year at JUNWEX Moscow exhibition. It ensures wide information field, and emphasizes high social significance of the recipients’ contribution to the development of jewellery, and strengthening of domestic economy.

All the honoured enterprises are included in the Chronicles of Jeweller’s Art in Russia, and they also acquire a right to use Jewellery Russia brand on all their production and promotional material to gain a foothold both inside and outside the country. We understand how important it is, as we know our foreign partners and their aspiration for trustworthy cooperation.

Junwex.com: Are there any exact criteria for selecting cavaliers?

V.Budny: Yes, of course any summarizing and estimated results should be analyzed, and understood clearly. Our experts take into consideration different criteria: correspondence of production with contemporary jewelry trends, position of the company in the Russian Jeweller Trade Club rating, participation in significant industry conferences and festivals, in events of Jewellery Russia program.

We also consider company’s performance as a Russian jewellery brand – promotion in leading trade papers, working on customer’s loyalty – carrying out promo-actions and events. Finally, we estimate company’s performance in the international market. The most important criteria are: participation in international exhibitions within Russian pavilion, attending world exhibitions on official delegations, organized by Russian Jewellery Trade Club, promotion in international organizations, including international edition of Jewellery Russia – JUNWEX Magazine.