September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair: Russian Exhibitors’ Experience


As soon as V.Budny came back from Hong Kong, interviews him about the trip to September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Mr.Budny, what is your general impression of the expo?
My impression is extremely positive. It is a professionally organized exhibition, with an atmosphere of a festival. There are a lot of things to be learned. Relations with our partners make us glad – all the previous agreements are held, there is mutual respect for interests, and all this is worth much.

Are you talking about the partnership with the UBM Corporation – the event planner?
Yes, it is their assistance that allowed RESTEC JUNWEX’s representative to successfully organize matchmaking for Russian exhibitors. Also, our exhibitions in Russia are promoted among exponents and buyers of South-East Asia, there is always the advertisement of Jewellery Russia program in the JNA magazine.

How prospective is this cooperation for the future?
In my opinion, high expo competition in Hong Kong, where four exhibitions are held today, will be in favour of UBM, first of all, because of high professional skills of this team.  And, secondly, because of the right time they have chosen to hold the exhibitions. We have discussed this moment with Gaetano Cavalieri, our long-time friend, and sophisticated expert. The President of CIBJO has been our good consultant for many years. This year he visited the exhibition with Corrado Facco, the president of Vicenza’s exhibitions.
September and June are the most demanded months for the international forums and meetings with buyers to be held, and local traders from South-East Asia are extremely attractive for the participants in view of present economic situation. This exhibition showed that these buyers are the most active ones. It is the first time for the Russian buyers to be out of the top-10 visitors, giving the place to the South-Eastern ones. According to statistics, previously the Russians had been buying not less than 30% of the whole production. In 2014, there were registered only 800 people.

What are the positive moments of this situation?
It is a good sign for the Russian jewellery producers. I think this is the first benefit from JUNWEX-UBM cooperation. Firstly, foreigners are coming to our market by themselves, presenting their production along with the Russian plants. Secondly, there is no secret that at the exhibition our factories purchase imported goods to widen their own collections, or they become partners with foreign companies, thus making profit without additional costs. These are natural relationships.

“This time official Russian delegation of the Russian Jewellery Trade Club mainly included manufacturing companies, in that way, having supplemented the companies – exhibitors of the Russian pavilion. Probably, in the future they will be among the participants of the exhibitions in Asia and Europe”- head of the “Business and Leisure” program Tatiana Tuzova mentions.

We are also glad with wholesalers’ attitude to the Russian pavilion. I have never seen empty passageways; all our participants were busy with potential buyers, and partners. We now have deeper understanding of this region’s market. Recalling our first experience of planning the Russian stand in Las-Vegas, I can see a great difference. That time, for 5 days we received about 10 people with side curls, who later turned out to be our countrymen.

Let us remind you that this year the official delegation from Russia was located not only in the international pavilion, but also in Designer Avenue and International Premier Pavilion: Amber Neva, Briant, Chrysos, Jewellery  Darvin, Bronnitsy Jewelry, Alikor, Kabarovsky Jewellery House, Michael Osipov, Vladimir Michailov, Mousson Atelier, Moiseikin Jewellery House, Sadko, Valery-Gold, Art-Jeweller.

“Presence of Russian companies was widely covered in the UBM Asia media – JNA magazine, SHOW DAILY paper, which was published every day during the exhibition, and through the web-site The 11th number of JUNWEX JEWELLERY RUSSIA magazine, issued by JEWELLERY RUSSIA Publishing House was promoted in the press-center, more than 1500 copies were sold. VIP-invitations (circulation of more than 1000 copies) to the JUNWEX MOSCOW  2014 exhibition were given for free in the CLUB ELITE – special VIP-zone for dominant buyers from all over the world”- says head of international department Igor Kadzhaya.”General opinion of the participants on the expo results is that the advertising campaign and brand promotion are to be boosted”.

Such companies as Ring, Bronnitsy Jewelry, Briant, Mousson approached the subject responsibly – they have prepared handouts in Chinese, and invited local interpreters.

•    “We are really surprised with the tumble, given by the Chinese and Hong Kong buyers. We have decided to participate next year as well. After such exhibition we consider rebooking a justified act”- says Andrey Akulenko, representative of Ringo from Ekaterinburg.
•    “Our product is warmly received, and our prices don’t scare the customers” – Michael Katz (Sadko) reports.
•    “Russian hand-knitted chains acquired high interest of more than 40 companies. Now the problems are to execute such huge orders, and our customs” – shared his impressions from the exhibition Ilya Chepik (Bronnitsky Jeweller).
•    “High interest in our new amber collection was below our expectations, and raised the question of re-organization of production. Right now we are not able to produce that amount without any prejudice to our relations with long-term buyers” – says Vyacheslav Darvin (Darvin).
•    “Our jeans-collection awoke the Chinese producers’ interest. We have several offers of cooperation, and we would choose seven companies from all the interested ones”- claims Vera Kabarovskaya (Kabarovsky Jewellery House).