Volga Federal District – one of the leading regions to visit JUNWEX


Only a week left till the opening of JUNWEX St. Petersburg Jewellery Show 2015, which means that each day there’s more and more things to do for the “Russian Jewellery Trade club” – the organizing committee of the fair. Despite the fact that most of our visitors arrange their trip in advance, almost 25 % of them still lay all necessary preparations aside.
That is the reason why attendance forecast given by exhibitors is always higher than the one given by organizing committee which is based mostly on pre-registration results.

Thanks to recently made preliminary research of buyers’ registration, we can tell now not only how many wholesale and retail representatives will attend the show and which region they came from but also to follow their dynamics.

Last month the Central Federal District was on top with 58% of attendance, followed by Southern Federal District (10 %), Volga Federal District (9%), Far Eastern Federal District (8%), Urals Federal District (7%), and Northwestern Federal District (5%). Though now we can see that in January situation has changed. This month the nearest regions took the leadership: Northwestern (22%), Volga (20%) and Central Federal District (21%).

It is worth to mention that mostly visitors are coming not from Moscow but from other cities of a Central Federal District: Kostroma, Twer, Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Ryazan, Lipetsk, Tula, Kursk, Bryansk, Ivanovo, Vladimir, Kaluga, Smolensk etc. That kind of low level of attendance of Moscow citizens is probably a result of their too high selectivity. Not been able to sell the jewelry from the stock in a severe shortage of novelties Moscow shops took a decision to put on hold the selection of new goods.
During the last two weeks representatives of distant regions registered for the show as well. So at the moment the geography of the show expanded to Crimea, North-Caucasus and CIS countries.

December and January pre-registration comparative data:

Altogether, considering not just pre-registration results but information about hotel bookings as well, we can tell for sure that 2 617 wholesalers will visit the JUNWEX St. Petersburg 2015.