JUNWEX Petersburg 2015. A successful launch!


Now that the JUNWEX St. Petersburg show is over we are able to give it an objective assessment.
This year was special for JUNWEX cause February Show took place at the brand new venue – EXPOFORUM, which is located close to the St.Petersburg’s airport area. And even if at the beginning participants had some doubts whether wholesale and especially retail buyers will come, it was completely dispelled at the day “zero”. For example, the new collection of one of the biggest exhibitors was bought up almost immediately, 3d February, one day before the official opening. The statistics shows that most of wholesale buyers prefer to work before the opening day to get the best and the newest collections in order to be the first to present it at their shops. Due to the pre-registration data, wholesalers and retailers from 234 cities of Russia got the admission badges. Not including those who registered at the spot.

As organizers, we didn’t have any doubt that the new venue will be a success. At least we were sure in wholesale buyers due to the preliminary research of pre-registration, hotel bookings data and personal contacts with trade representatives all over Russia. This is the biggest exhibition space in Russia, one of the best in Europe. With lots of advantages like accessible parking, convenient entrances, one spacious passage, bigger exhibiting area. These are the facilities that unfortunately we could only dream of at the LENEXPO, the previous venue” – says Olga Mironova, the head of “RusJewellerExpert” information agency.

“The only thing that we had some doubts is the willing of retail buyers to come through the whole city to the EXPOFORUM. Specially for them an extensive advertising campaign was launchedwith the use of not only the outdoor and press advertising but also with the distribution of free electronic tickets. The result showed up very quickly – the e-ticket gave access to the 48 % of all visitors just at the first day”.

Almost 2000 trade buyers visited the show on it’s first two days. But what surprised exhibitors the most was thelarge amount of retailers since they were expecting mostly wholesalers and at the end got both.
JUNWEX St.Petersburg 2015. Facts and Figures:
47 new exhibitors
– An increase of exhibition space by 1498,5 sq. m.
4 406 trade visitors from different regions of Russia
28,6 % of unique trade specialists visiting only the St.Petersburg show
25 185 retail visitors
150 000 free tickets distributed
5 495 tickets were sold out on-the-spot