Jewellery fest “WHITE NIGHTS” 2015


Festival – sounds like a celebration, where colleagues and friends are gathered. And it was with a great excitement that the idea of organizing the jewellery fest in one of the most beautiful cities of the world was born in 2013. Media-Holding Restec JUNWEX came up with a programm containing both training centre sessions and relaxing city guides and called it Jewellery fest “WHITE NIGHTS”.

Famous White nights is a unique “must see” time of the year in St.Petersburg when sun doesn’t set down and even in latest night hours streets are full of light. This is the time when St.Petersburg is full of life, full of tourists, festivals and of a romantic glow.

In 2015 Jewellery fest “WHITE NIGHTS” will be dedicated to the 130th anniversary from the date of assignment Carl Fabergé the title of “Supplier to the Imperial court”.
We invite you to visit Saint-Petersburg and participate in the JEWELLERY FEST, bringing together specialized thematic workshops, excursions to memorial sites connected with the work of the great jeweler, walking around beautiful city and its deep canals in the background of white nights!

The detailed program of the fest is HERE


Organising committee:

Tel. 007 (812) 303-98-60, 303-98-69