About us

Due to combined use of multiple media channels such as exhibitions, congresses, magazines, Internet-resources and consulting, RESTEC JUNWEX offers principally new opportunities for jewellery making companies.

► We have optimized communications
- Most efficient and relevant methods of marketing
- Complex promotion program for jewellery making companies adjusted for individual characteristics
- Business development program for jewellery trading companies

► We offer a common media space
A coordinated approach to total asset management embraced by the holding allows to reach synergy effect that enables us to provide jewellery companies with efficient help in development of their business.

RESTEC JUNWEX activities:

«JEWELLERY RUSSIA» Exhibition Network
9 jewellery exhibitions, including 3 largest international fairs: JUNWEX Petersburg (february), JUNWEX New Russian Style (may-june), JUNWEX Moscow (september)

Russian Jewellery Trade Club
Russian Jewellery Trade Club as a professional community of the media-holding «RESTEC JUNWEX» is the biggest business association at the Russian jewellery market. It unites more than 6603 trade companies from 806 cities of Russian Federation
«Jewellery Russia» Publishing House
•     В2В magazine «JUNWEX Watch» (circulation 7 000 copies)
•     B2B  magazine «JEWELLERY Russia» (circulation 12 000 copies) – best possibility to tell jewellery market about yourself
•     B2C magazine «Best Adornments of Russia. Jewellery and watch» (circulation of 155 000 copies) – magazine that accompanies each visitor of jewellery exhibition. This is the first magazine in Russia, oriented on buyers of watches and jewellery.
•     В2С/B2B  catalogue «Fashion Seasons. Watches and jewellery» (circulation of 10 000 copies) – unique project that serves the interests of final consumer and professional of jewellery trade.
Internet gateway
•     Web-portal  junwex.com –  top-leading web site and authority source of information about jewellery and watch industry in Russia and worldwide.
•     Groups in social networks – an effective channel of communication with final consumer.
RusJewellerExpert Consulting Agency
System multiproduct marketing of jewellery industry, analytical reviews, forecast and jewellery market research.
Full range of services in PR, GR and marketing field
«JUNWEX» Design-studio – Services of designers, photographers experienced in jewellery sphere
«JUNWEX» Educational Center
Organization of seminars, business trainings and master-classes with the leading industry representatives